Galli from Hell

My alter ego when doing game development is Galli from Hell or simply Galli (or Gali).

The word around InGen is that the Gallimimus was chosen by Genetics as a practical joke. An extremely hyperactive and skittish creature, it's nearly impossible to approach one.

My original idea came from The Isle, a game that I used to play when it was released as "Early access" on Steam.

I created a competitive persona around a specific dinosaur.

I used to play as a Gallimimus and had a team of other creatures helping me to defeat random opponents. We we extremely underpowered, but we used our skills and tenacity to take down big carnivores.
Check out #GalliArmy playlist on Youtube.

Being inspired by the game's development I decided to make my own dinosaur game and build my own 2d game engine to learn about game development patterns. I'm still not sure if this was a good idea :))

My "commitment" to the game turned into passion.

If you want to get in touch, give me a shout, ping, poke, whatever.

Check out the #GalliArmy playlist I made on Youtube.
Warning: might contain mild language