Escape from Hell Obby

I had a fascinating experience discovering the Roblox Studio editor and Lua.

At first the UI of the editor was overwhelming because I never programmed or created anything of 3d nature.

Roblox Studio IDE

I decided to take an educated approach with building my first Roblox game, so I browsed Roblox Developer Hub and I started with the section "Learn Roblox".

One easy way to start is to choose from one of the templates provided inside the editor: Baseplate (default new), Flat terrain, Village, Castle, Suburban, Racing, Pirate Island, Western, City, Obby, Starting Place, Line Runner, Infinite Runner, Capture the flag, Team/FFA Arena, Combat, Galactic Speedway, Move It Simulator.

Start fresh in Roblox Studio with a pre-defined game template.

I created a 20 level Obby called "Escape from Hell" to find a pretext to learn about collisions, models, parts and scripting.

Obby - is an obstacle course type of game where the player jump on platforms to advance levels, the term was coined by Roblox

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