Migrating to GitHub Projects #2

I have tried Trello and played with Hacknplan.

Trello lost a column of issues that I had in progress, I have no idea what I mis clicked but it's unacceptable to me after I had spent like an hour creating the issues and the board. Hacknplan is complex, is more for a multi-specialized team. I'm one man team who employs various artists - I don't need that planning complexity.

So I then tried GitHub Issues and Projects.

I'm a long-time open-source contributor, I started using GitHub in 2011 and I have a Developer plan by which I can create private repositories. I know how GitHub issues work so this was like a walk in the park.

The game's Kanban board made out of issues. You can define and arrange the columns however you want.

I've split the board into 4 main columns: Backlog, Priorities, In Progress and Done.

  • Backlog - is an Agile term for the place where all your tasks gather. You can prioritize or rank them prior to moving them to the next column.

  • Priorities - is the column where I put everything that I need to do in this Sprint. Sprint is an Agile term for an iteration where you work focusing on a small subset of issues.

  • In Progress - are tasks pulled from Priorities that I'm working on. I usually don't have more that 1-2 tasks in progress.

  • Done - self-explanatory. All the closed issues. You could simplify and remove this column. Your choice.

Here is some of the progress that I've done in this session:

Started using React.js for UI. I have mapped each animation of the main character (Kil) to a key so I could test the frames and how the animation looks. If I found something weird I would send it back to he designer and iterate again.

The animation of the characters is based on sprite images. Each frame can be bigger or smaller than the previous, the rendering system knows how to adjust that based on the sprite's properties (x, y, width, height)

Here is the full dev log: