Roadmap for the first demo

It's interesting how you can read on Steam that there are some game projects in Early Access who specify that they don't publish their roadmap in order to not set the wrong expectations and because "game projects cannot have a roadmap".

I believe that is an extremely risky approach to game development and software development in general.

Here is the roadmap to demo release on Kongregate:

- define E1M512 map as the demo map

- define gameplay type

- as far as I'm concerned I'm good with the Base vs Base scenario.

- define win scenario

- add local Achievements page and metrics

- define playable Player weapons

- adapt girl sprites

- add explicit build number to Splash Page

- add website address to Splash Page

- NPCs leave custom dust trails (use existing)

- NPCs die with a puff animation (use existing)

- NPCs drop both coins (ATK++) and food (HP++)

- add get_hurt animation to NPC Base sprite

- NPCs get spawned from eggs

- egg GDD

- add NPC avatar to HUD, keep NPC Base on top!

- show HP value inside the HP bar

- add Anky boss class and sprite (use existing)

Demo planning on January 23, 2019

Full video log: