On Steam Greenlight

On 6th of June 2017 Steam announced that they will close Greenlight in favor on Steam Direct.

I've added the game alpha prototype on Steam Greenlight on 7th of May, 2017 and the response was rather poor. I got 12 votes and the majority was negative. I didn't took that to the heart since I knew I had a really rough prototype, the video demo shows the main character moving with mouse (StarCraft style) and the walls were basically red collision tiles.

I'm going to keep this screenshot for posterity and laugh at it.

At least I had a plan. I quickly looked at the game inventory that was displayed at the time in the Steam Greenlight listing pagination and I was horrified :) The games displayed seemed to fall into two categories: troll games and asset-pasting games.

That environment seemed hostile. How can I publish a game for kids when the audience might want troll, soft porn and cheap idiotic games?
I mean clearly I am not launching the next Cuphead but at least I'm poring my blood and soul (money?!) into the game.

That being said, have you ever considered launching your game with different features on different marketplaces? Maybe GOG audience are looking for a classic retro experience but the Steam audience just wants something fast paced and possibly more violent. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.