On starting the journey of releasing a game

I have a passion for creating and releasing software. It's a combination of skills that come together into play in order to make it work. You need to know both technical and business details so you can understand the customer's needs.

First public presentation of a game concept.

But how do you understand the customer's needs in gaming?
Does the customer want to play something that is relaxing, intriguing, fast-paced or casual?

I had a few technical presentations in the past where I kinda forced my audience to play the demos that I've prepared a night before :) Somehow through these experiments I have realized that I want to make a game that I like ... and I was less interested in what others liked.

I want to play something that I like - 2D, simple, pixel art preferred, clear goals and achievements - regardless of my mood.

But game development is a bit different from software development. Sure you could use the usual software development paradigms (Agile, Kanban, XP, TDD, Clean Code, etc.) but there is an ingredient that makes it special: gameplay.

How do I create a game like the one that I mentioned that has an enjoyable gameplay?

I don't know yet. If you follow my journey we might both find that out.