Score HUD #21, #22

I want the score and remaining life to be visible and simple for anyone.
I cannot do something fancy because of budget constrains and lack of research really.

I've played around with some GUI pixel art icons that I've found on Dribble.

First I did a mockup of an in-game screnshot.

Then I added HTML code to make it look like in the mockup.

Here is the last version from this session.

I've always fancied Bomberman style HUD because it's simple to read:

  1. life - is represented by a heart with a number overlayed

  2. character - is represented by an avatar icon

  3. points - are clearly visible in a border delimited area black on white text

  4. time - represented by an alarm clock and large thin font

  5. second player - the HUD is mirrored and the availability is represented by a large thin font text saying "PUSH START"

Simple HUD example

Full video logs: