Video gamedev log FAQ #1

Small steps to get started having a game development video log

If you want to start a game development video log, here are a couple of tips.

  • I used Adobe Premiere for rough editing and exporting. It's really easy once you learn a few shortcuts.

  • I used OBS Studio to record the videos. I also purchased Elgato HD 60 to help me with the encoding and leveraging CPU speed.

  • Nobody really cares about your game until later when it's finished. If you stream on Twitch, don't lose time to respond to all questions. Make a list of Q&A and add them to your channel description.

  • You can stream on both Youtube and Twitch by using to reach a wider audience. You can monitor the chat with Restream Chat desktop app.

  • My vids are raw and unedited (unlike the one below). I watch/hear the videos next day when I'm working on something else. This process of fast retrospective can help you improve really fast with the way you talk and act on live streams. You catch your own mistake and usually you're going to be embarrassed by the mistakes, but that is how learning works.

  • It's better to have 3 minutes montages of the main things achieved during the live stream. Usually people cannot focus more than that.

  • Use royalty free music for background or soundtrack. See

  • Don't forget to credit everyone in the video's description. This is mandatory if you want to monetize your vids later.

Here is a brief example of a devlog montage that has around 1:30 minutes in length: