Certified project managers

... omg, I just got my certification in [any] Agile Project Management, it was so challenging ...

Right, then try to develop and release/publish an actual software.

Any software and management certification is a step forward for any individual.

There is a catch! During the last 10 years there has been an influx of people who apply for management jobs in software companies that are highly trained and certified but neither of them developed and released an actual software in the past!

Why is this important?

Because people like that are characterized by:

  • Lack of knowledge of intricacies of releasing a software in production.

  • Lack of negotiation skills when it comes to compromises.

  • Lack of empathy towards the developer team(s).

  • Fixed framework of approaching software development.

  • Religious about the framework they want to implement during the development process.

  • Tendency to babysit developers.

  • Reversing the ownership process from developers to them.

  • Micromanagement by acting as a helicopter parent to its child project.

  • Measuring the success of the team based on fixed calculations.

Tip inspired by countless of LinkedIn posts of people posting a picture with their certification.